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Learning about holistic medicine is important because we are living in a day and age where more and more of us are sick and being diagnosed with diseases that we’ve never even heard of. The Coronavirus has changed the world and how we live in it, so we must adjust our mindsets on how we view and take care of our health in order to survive in this brave new world. If we learn our own bodies and how to take care of them by building a strong immune system, getting proper nutrition, rest, and movement, I believe we can enjoy a life filled with vitality instead of slowly descending into a life of sickness, disease, and constant doctor and specialist visits. Many people have found great success in managing their chronic conditions through living a holistic lifestyle. I want to provide people with the tools to start that journey-to know that there are lots of options out there besides prescription drugs. The only requirement is that you be willing to put in the work to get to know your own body and what it needs to be healthy.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health. What works for one won’t work for others. That is why I am passionate about inspiring people to find out what works for them and their own bodies. When you do this, you gain a sense of freedom and autonomy over your own body. I’m not saying that you won’t ever catch a cold again and that your health will be perfect, but when things do come and your body gets out of alignment, you will have the tools to get it back in alignment because you have taken the time to get to know your body for yourself. You have put yourself in the place to become your own health advocate.

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Protecting our 
Temple Together

Latoyia Baskerville-Smith

Latoyia Baskerville Smith is a holistic wellness advocate, writer, blogger, and seeker of truth that resides in the metro Atlanta area.

Latoyia’s passion for holistic health started after spending many of her childhood years in and out of doctor’s offices, searching for relief from her chronic condition (asthma). As she became a young woman, Latoyia embarked on a journey to find other methods of controlling and preventing flare-ups of her condition. She wanted to find out why her body was doing what it was doing, and what could be done to prevent it instead of just medicating the symptoms. While diving into the research head-first, Latoyia discovered that there was a whole world of health and medicine OUTSIDE of the conventional doctor’s office. She learned about holistic medicine and the holistic lifestyle and found that it brought about a much healthier and happier existence.

Noticing that there seemed to be a lack of diversity in the mainstream holistic space, Latoyia launched the  “Protecting Your Temple” site to provide people with a starting point for information into the holistic lifestyle. Latoyia is a strong believer that we all should take the time to get to know our own bodies so that we can best advocate for our own health.

Although she advocates for holistic living, Latoyia is NOT against conventional medicine. She believes that to thrive in today’s age, there must be a marriage between holistic and conventional medicine to build a more healthy society.

Latoyia received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media Arts from Hampton University and holds a Master of Mass Communication degree from the University of Georgia. She is also a licensed insurance agent and is currently pursuing a certification in wellness coaching.

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